The Jardin des Glaciers is all about the final ice age, climate transform, and the migration of the to start with inhabitants of North The us.

Situated along the St. Lawrence River in wonderfully woodsy Baie-Comeau, Quebec, Canada, the Jardin des Glaciers is a holiday destination the place a family members can expend a several several hours or many days mastering and exploring the interesting world of glaciers.

Parlez-vous franais?

Most folks know that French is the to start with language of the province of Quebec. Given that this write-up is composed in English, the Jardin des Glaciers, appears in this article as The Backyard garden of the Glaciers or just The Back garden.

While the signs in Quebec are typically in French, it is critical to notice the greater part of the individuals you face in this province will talk fluent English with a pleasant French accent. C’est si bon.

A little earth record

20,000 a long time ago, substantially of North The us was covered by an ice sheet that was more than seven situations as deep as the Empire Point out Developing is high. That is about two miles of vertical ice. If that does not impress you, just wait around until finally you listen to your Yard manual make clear what occurred future!

Your journey starts in the Multimedia Zone

Your journey at The Garden starts in a church creating that has been transformed into a enormous earth science and anthropology lab identified as the Glacier Exploration Station.

The Multimedia Zone plan inside the Exploration Station is an I-Max kind extravaganza – skillfully augmented with extra-sensory appears, feelings, pictures, and lights.

Starting off with a multimedia experience entitled 20,000 Several years less than the Ice, your digital expedition elevator can take you down 2 miles into the coronary heart of the glacier to discover the effects of 1000’s of decades of weather change.

Condensing eons into minutes, the glacier sheet disappears ahead of your eyes. As the ice recedes, you wander with the initial individuals to enter North The usa throughout the frozen straits from Asia. Intriguing things, really cleverly executed.

During your walk all-around the Exploration Station, devote some time in the Cyber Centre and its Investigate Place and perform on the Center’s ten interactive workstations. They will enable you extend your recently acquired information of the glaciers and local weather adjust.

Abide by your manual by the outstanding Alcove Hallway of frescos and murals and pay attention to the remarkable stories that are confident to add to the entertaining of what you have previously discovered.

Out you go

When you at last exit the Glacier Exploration Station, you are prepared for a few put up-glacier guided tours in the great outdoors of eco-friendly Baie-Comeau, Quebec.

The Mother nature Zone

There are 3 2 to 3-hour excursions in the instructive and attention-grabbing Character Zone.

The Seashell Valley

The Seashell Valley is quite a few miles from the ocean yet, the eye beholds an huge hill of seashells piled a single atop the other and reaching 150 ft significant – ideal in the center of a dense forest.

This abnormal marvel was produced by a submit-glacial sea that existed some 10,000 several years back. The receding water collected shell specimens of a unique weight and sizing and moved them into an obstructed spot that took the shells out of the regular erosion sample, therefore creating a “mountain” of isolated shells as the sea receded to its recent amount.

Readers wander alongside the steep hillside and scoop up hundreds of seashell specimens in their bare hands – fascinated by the awareness that what they keep lived more than 10 millenniums back.

Peoples of the Ice Age

This exciting electric shuttle bus tour can take you deep into the neighborhood woods to get 1st-hand experience about how the early persons of North America lived and labored.

18,000 many years ago, our ancestors migrated from Asia throughout the Bering Ice Strait in search of food. The Gardens has skillfully reconstructed 4 thematic camps containing lodges and instruments from the period. This tour is an great way to get an appreciation for the challenging way of life of the ancients.

Traces of the Glaciers

You do not want to pass up this motorboat tour on the St. Lawrence River. Your guide will place out impressive glacial grooves carved in the rock cliffs together the river’s shore. You will see gigantic furrows scored by the excessive tension of the sluggish going Laurentide Ice Sheet – the world’s biggest glacier.

You could get a glimpse of seals and other sea mammals that now reside in the waters of the St. Lawrence. They are the descendents of those people that crossed the arctic Goldthwait Sea in excess of 12,000 decades back.

The Adrenalin Zone

Certainly, the Back garden of the Glaciers has a great deal to hold the outdoor thrill seeker enthusiastic. A via ferrata (road with iron) winds along the St. Lawrence just 10 toes from the sea. Supported by metal cable lifelines the views from this exercise are spectacular.

You can also test a person of the 8 maritime Zip traces or most likely you would take pleasure in the pleasure of rappelling, or mountaineering around 20 miles of scenic trails. You can scramble up a climbing wall, or paddle enthusiastically in a sea kayak. We imagine you get the photograph.

If you go

Baie-Comeau and the Backyard of Glaciers are positioned on the north shore of the St. Lawrence River about 425 miles northeast of Montreal. For far more facts about The Backyard of Glaciers, pay a visit to their web page at

There are a number of accommodations in the spot. We stayed at the Hotel Le Manoir. The accommodations had been fairly snug and the meals was superb.

Satisfied travels!