Consideration chemistry learners! If your chemistry course is eating your lunch, you require to read through, master and place into motion the “10 Commandments of Chemistry”.

Chemistry 10 Commandments

#1 Thou shall don’t forget these two fundamental ideas.

You want to try to remember two incredibly basic thoughts:

  • opposites appeal to and likes repel
  • nature moves towards the least vitality (the simple way)

#2 Thou shall know the Periodic Desk.

You don’t have to memorize the periodic table to use it. But, you really should turn out to be quite acquainted with its layout. You ought to know what the durations and teams (people) mean. You really should know how the periodic desk is made to signify quantum mechanics and electron configurations. Just take some time and get to know the periodic table.

#3 Thou shall know the Polyatomic ions.

If you want to be in a position to identify compounds, publish formulas and solve chemical equations you have to have to know and comprehend polyatomic ions. Just one of the greatest procedures for mastering the polyatomic ions is flashcards.

#4 Thou shall know how to produce electron configurations.

Even if you do not master how to use quantum numbers, you want to study how to generate electron configurations. Comprehending electron configurations assists with Lewis dot symbols, valence electrons and chemical bonding.

#5 Thou shall know how to draw Lewis dot symbols.

Master how to attract Lewis dot (electron dot) symbols to assist with being familiar with valence electrons and chemical bonding.

#6 Thou shall know the octet rule.

If you want to recognize how chemical bonding operates the know the octet rule. The tendency of an atom is to shed or achieve electrons in get to receive a Noble gasoline valence.

#7 Thou shall know oxidation figures.

The oxidation range of an atom is its feasible cost. If the atom gains electrons then it will have a unfavorable demand, but if it loses electrons it will have a optimistic cost. Know the oxidation amount of an aspect can be extremely helpful in identifying how features incorporate to sort compounds.

#8 Thou shall know the quantum numbers.

You will not have to fully grasp how quantum quantities have been produced or study the mathematics driving them. But, you do require to understand strength levels, sub ranges and orbitals so you can compose electron configurations and Lewis dot symbols.

#9 Thou shall know how to compose chemical formulation.

You require to study how to publish chemical formulas in order to generate chemical equations correctly.

#10 Thou shall Apply, Follow and Exercise.