The Physics Behind Egg Catching: An Application of Impulse and Momentum

Problem: You and a pal are getting into an egg toss contest. The aim of this contest is to toss an egg the biggest distance without it cracking or breaking open up. Describe your strategy for catching eggs that have been thrown a extended length with out them breaking in phrases of physics. Use terms like impulse and momentum.

Student’s Response was:

When trying to capture an egg with the furthest distance, there are numerous matters to continue to keep in brain. Things such as the weight of the egg, the length you are throwing it, and how you catch the egg can improve the benefits drastically.

First off, when throwing anything as tiny as an egg, one particular need to keep in intellect that the even more the distance, the much more drive is exerted into throwing the egg. With extra pressure exerted into the egg, the much more momentum there will be. This is primarily important when catching the egg, mainly because catching it the improper way can final result in it breaking.

The catching of the egg can be particularly tricky, since the egg is really brittle and fragile. In order to cut down the momentum, you should get the egg by its sides so it does not splatter on your hand. The egg’s impulse which is it is common drive about a period of time of time, need to be lowered in order to make certain a secure landing for the egg. By grabbing the egg by the sides, you are reducing it truly is momentum and impulse to later on make the egg tumble into your palm.

Tutor’s reaction was: To earn the competition, we want to throw the egg as higher as we can. So when it drop down, it will have a high velocity as well. Mass of the egg is fixed. So if we will need to win this competitiveness, we should really be prepared to face a substantial momentum that we will acquire when it appear down. Allows say that we take time “t” to capture this egg. So the drive even though catching the egg will be “F” provided by:

So F= m(vf-vi)/t

And we have already noticed that mass m is mounted.

Also Vf = since the egg ultimately comes to relaxation after catching.

Vi is the velocity which was there just in advance of catching the egg and we have already observed that, it will be pretty superior if we want to get the competition.

Now, in order to minimize the force, the only point that we can do is to continue to keep the time of make contact with with our arms “t” as superior as attainable.

If we do that we will be ready to minimize the power F to this kind of a limit that the egg even even though quite brittle, wont break.

To maximize the time of speak to we will need to capture the egg in sweeping motion. We want to move our fingers downwards so that the relative velocity involving the hand and the egg becomes less. This will properly maximize the time “t” and that’s why the Pressure F will be reduced.