The new paradigm of Spiritual Quantum Physics is based on the following axioms:

(1) You are to God as your cells are to your overall body.

(2) You are a dynamic device of energy residing and shifting and obtaining your getting inside of an additional infinite dynamic unit of vitality identified as God.

(3) All is strength in multi sets of ascending and descending cycles.

(4) The only factor occurring in the Universe is electricity in relationships.

This tells us that all the actual physical objects chairs, pens, planets, persons and even the universe are no much more than manifestations of the mental thoughts of God, you and I and the collective humanity.

There are no physical objects ‘out there’ only the manifestation of ideas. Consider away the particular person who is pondering the believed about something and it will vanish from the actual physical globe.

If no on thinks about the Golden Gate Bridge, If all writings, pics and pictures of this bridge have been destroyed the Golden Gate Bridge would ‘blink out’ of the recognized bodily planet and back into the non-actual physical part of God’s thoughts waiting around for the next individual to believe about it.

We are all souls, ‘finite’ units of dynamic energy projected out of the Mind of God into the Quantum Ocean.

The Quantum Ocean is an infinite system of contemplating intelligent vitality. There is no time there. No past, current nor long term. Only the ‘NOW1’.

There is no breadth, width or length in the Quantum Ocean. Only the ‘HERE!’.

For that reason there exists only the “Right here NOW!’.

The Quantum Ocean is the playing floor manifested by God for all the billions of souls to use to do the job out their destinies and to practical experience bodily lifetime.

There is the actual physical part of the Quantum Ocean exactly where you, I, the planets exist in actual physical form. Then there is the non-physical section of the Quantum Ocean wherever all the infinite choices of existence exist.

We are divine blueprints in the Head of God going through daily life in the divine blueprint referred to as “our universe.’

In the non-physical part of the Quantum Ocean is an infinite variety of divine blueprints nevertheless to be uncovered and manifested onto our physical aircraft.

How do they manifest? Views are points. Man thinks these divine blueprints into the physical globe out of the Quantum Ocean with his intellect.

The place do you feel the good inventors, writers, imaginative people get their tips? Tips are from the divine blueprints in the Quantum Ocean.

Edison had to feel about the electric powered gentle bulb and attempt 10,000 experiments prior to he produced, with his feelings, ample energy to bring this divine blueprint out of the non-physical into the bodily.

You can do the exact. As a result feel only major views.