The geography of this portion of the Caribbean can incorporate to the romance of a St Lucia honeymoon.

Historic spot contributes to the romance. Saint Lucia is component of the Lesser Antilles island chain of the Caribbean, also recognized as the Windward Isles. Dating back to the age of sail and a total dependence on the purely natural environment to travel throughout the Atlantic, the name of this group of islands will come from their relative position additional east in the Caribbean, closer to the trade winds, and there is also a team of Leeward Islands even further north in the Antilles chain. The trade winds and the trans-Atlantic currents and mark the dividing line amongst these two groups of islands. St Lucia shares its status as a Windward Isle with Dominica, Martinique, and Grenada. Barbados is sometimes regarded as a Windward island.

In contrast to lots of Caribbean islands that are designed on limestone and coral foundations, the Lesser Antilles chain is volcanic, and a lot of persons will recall the events of Montserrat in excess of the past 10 years when the whole island was evacuated simply because of an eruption. Saint Lucia itself was shaped as island relatively not long ago thanks to volcanic action. The a few maximum peaks of the island, Mount Gimie and the two Pitons, were at first volcanoes. Sulphur springs, near Soufriere (French for sulphur) is billed as the world’s only travel-in volcano.

These sulphur springs are a end result of a weak place in a volcanic caldera, significant temperatures and an underground relationship to the close by ocean. The end result is superheated steam, solid smells of minerals, and a great way to shell out an afternoon mastering about the geology of the island, and even get a dip in a mineral spring after returning to town.

Of system, quite a few people today pick out St Lucia weddings simply because of the island’s wonderful sandy beaches. But for some, geography may also perform a purpose.