Spiritual Quantum Physics – Creativity Versus Competition

Creativeness Compared to Competition

“Transform the strategy of a factor and you alter the detail. It truly is that simple.” Dr Ernest Holmes.

The essence of mankind is not to compete but to produce. You are a exceptional soul that has blinked out of the Infinite Soul identified as the Thoughts of God to do the get the job done only you can do! The Universe has designed no other particular person like you to do what you ought to do. Only you can do it or it will not likely get completed.

You are significant in the Brain of god and your task is to make oneself come to feel just as important in your have head. Only you can use the Divine powers in the infinite Quantum Ocean that are yours.

The Divine Intellect of God created each just one of us unique. Opposition makes an attempt to make us alike. Opposition casts all humanity into the identical mildew. The exact same measurement 9 shoe. It is not our true spiritual path.

Creative imagination helps make each and every one particular of us an specific part of God’s Mind. This is our true route.

Competitiveness exists on the content aircraft where you fall into the trap of not wanting to be diverse, but wanting to be the exact same, as some others, only greater.

Creative imagination helps you establish a environment all your own. Conformity and opposition are demise kneels to the spirit. Creativeness and non-conformity are an expansion into cosmic understanding.

Your safety in existence is dependent fully on your recognition of your Divine character. You are opportunity to turn out to be a God oneself.

Money, dwelling, insurance policy procedures and place in everyday living are puffs of smoke on the wind. There are neither financial institutions in the hereafter nor pockets in a shroud (coffin).

All the things of the bodily entire world improve. The only infinite is your relationship with the Infinite Thoughts of God. Your individual specific manifestation of the Universal Head of God, only that is changeless.

Your have recognition of this great fact will offer you with additional security than you ever dreamed of.

This is the important to attainment. It will flood you with inventive strength and fill your life with good results, accomplishment and vigor.

Nietzsche was suitable: “We Are Gods!”