Spiritual Quantum Physics and the Occult

When I taught arithmetic at the college or university stage for 16 years, I recognized that a person of the axioms of math to be that any new principle had to be in a position to answer any questions put to.

I generate my article content and weblogs as a immediate confrontation with what I get in touch with people who espouse Scientific Quantum Physics. I obstacle them to solution any and all inquiries pertaining to their theories of chaos, randomness and particularly the big bang principle.

I questioned them many periods “who set all that energy into the huge ball they reported went bang?” No responses only blank stares.

But let’s speak about “The All” or what is now acknowledged as the Quantum Ocean. In Non secular Quantum Physics I call the Quantum Ocean the Brain of God. This is wherever every little thing that was, is or at any time will be exists and has always existed.

We live, move and have our currently being inside the Thoughts of God and use the Quantum Ocean to produce, with our feelings, what we as persons require for our specific existence.

Humanity which is part of that skinny layer of organic existence that exists on the surface area of the world Earth. Is just just one little packet of strength within the infinite electricity program identified as the Quantum Ocean.

Humanity is, mathematically speaking a subset power in the infinite power set referred to as the Thoughts of God. There are numerous, quite a few other subsets of strength that man has developed and employed to help him research for responses for his existence.

There is a subset known as “The Occult.” Occult just indicates concealed or solution. A terrific deal of the infinite wisdom contained in this subset was hidden from the normal male, right until now.

Now we are in the Age of Aquarius exactly where all points will be built recognized to support mankind raise their degree of consciousness to a bigger position.

In this subset referred to as “The Occult” are extra subsets known as: the science of Astrology tarot kabala runes alchemy hermetics magic numerology, etcetera.

All energy equipment utilized by male which abstracted from the Quantum Ocean to aid him in his being familiar with of the Legislation of His Existence.

Why has not a person scientist espousing the Big Bag Concept and the concept of Chaos dealt with any of these topics? They are aspect of the ALL which man is also portion of. You can not absolutely understand the subset termed humanity till you understand humanity’s subsets.

Regardless of whether they believe that this or not does not change the simple fact that they exist in the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God.

If guy is to certainly study man and the creation of gentleman than every thing have to be taken into thing to consider and not just all those couple picked out subjects picked out by researchers and religious leaders.

A person of my uncovered instructors when instructed me that to actually analyze and master about nearly anything you must have an understanding of its component, its whole and its romantic relationship amongst the areas and the whole.

If you want to realize an auto you ought to review its components, its complete and the relationship between its pieces and its full. You need to research its parts brakes, steering wheel and gasoline pedal. Then study the overall body of the full car or truck. Then realize how the elements perform in romantic relationship to the total. The brakes stop the auto. The gas pedal moves the motor vehicle. The steering wheel directs the car or truck. Now you can absolutely recognize the auto.

Spiritual Quantum Physics can and does clarify the components, the full and the connection of man to his creator. This points out all. Even his wandering into occultism.

We as person souls are the components the full is the Quantum Ocean, Mind of God and the connection is that we stay, move and have our being in just the Intellect of God and aid him co-generate the ALL of reality all all around us.