Reducing Training Costs With One-Point Lessons

A single-position classes are a easy yet effective learning and operational device. When used systematically during the do the job site, just one-stage classes offer a lot of gains. They can help deploy just-in-time expertise and capabilities throughout an corporation. They also positively have an impact on employees’ talents to perform day-to-day tasks as very well as enhance an organization’s price tag efficiency and item high quality.

As an assist for spreading ideal procedures organization-broad, a person-position classes can assist and enrich improvement attempts these types of as Lean Management, Just-In-Time (JIT) Creation, Total High-quality Administration (TQM), and Whole Effective Routine maintenance (TPM).

1-Stage Classes

Just one-level lessons are shorter visual displays on a solitary place. A person-position lessons have three purposes:

o They sharpen task-similar understanding and abilities by speaking info about precise difficulties and enhancements.

o They very easily share significant information just-in-time.

o They strengthen the team’s functionality.

Characteristics of Just one-Issue Lessons

A single-stage lessons are:

o Quick visual presentations on a solitary stage

o In-depth on just one or two internet pages

o Supported by diagrams, photographs, or drawings

o Generated and made use of at the level of want

A one particular-level lesson is a finding out tool for speaking requirements, troubles, and improvements about perform processes and gear. Personnel and supervisors use a person-issue lessons to offer vital data about daily operate and enhancement opportunities. Thus, just one- position classes might comprise information on a vast assortment of topics.

Kinds of Just one-Position Classes

A few styles of one-position classes exist every single variety has a distinct intent:

o Simple Knowledge

o Problem Situation Research

o Advancement Situation Research

Essential Know-how

Primary Awareness a person-stage classes fill a understanding hole. This ensures that group associates have the expertise they want to do their position or take part in enhancement activities.

Problem Situation Research

Dilemma Scenario Experiments use genuine examples of breakdowns, defects, and other abnormalities to illustrate how to detect and/or prevent a workplace issue.

Difficulty Scenario Reports are most efficient when presented right away right after a challenge happens, even though the situation is nevertheless contemporary in everyone’s brain.

Improvement Circumstance Review

Improvement Case Reports summarize the ideas, contents, and final results of advancements that outcome from group pursuits. This helps groups in other places to make very similar enhancements.

Wherever to Us A single-Position Lessons

Examples the place a person-point classes may be applied are:

Top quality

o Defective incoming product or products and solutions

o Will cause and prevention of problems

o Products or product requirements

o Techniques for getting and discovering abnormalities in equipment and elements


o Resources inventory command specs

o Solution stock manage technical specs

Devices operation

o Changeover operation

o Startup sequence

o Monitoring and inspection techniques

o Shutdown and lockout/tagout sequence

o Cleaning and upkeep protocols

Basic safety

o Emergency halting methods

o Protection standards for use of equipment and products

o Trusted methods to avoid mishaps

Routine maintenance

o Cleaning procedures

o Adjustment strategies

o Inspection treatments

o Lubrication techniques


o Solutions of inspection

o Acceptance inspection technical specs

o Merchandise inspection specs

Advancement resources

o Checklists

o Trigger-and-effect diagrams

o Command charts

o Red tags

In other words, each time workers require essential facts to accomplish their jobs, just one-stage classes can be an efficient tool for providing that details.

Sharing Know-how Among the Staff

Staff leaders and members who have acquired specific skills or knowledge need to have a way to share their awareness with their teammates. Alternatively then just repeating what they have uncovered, they ought to put it in a type that satisfies their workplace. 1-position classes translate know-how into useful data that teammates can use to correctly perform their employment.

Additionally, one particular-place classes are an powerful teaching software due to the fact:

o They are small and centered on a subject matter that staff members will need to know about.

o Information and facts can be presented in bite-dimension chunks, when and the place it is essential.

o They present a very simple car or truck for going over the product right up until everybody has mastered it.

o They offer a adaptable way to deliver training on the ground, during meetings, during manufacturing things to do, as very well as throughout formal instruction.

o The act of instructing develops interaction and leadership techniques on the team.

o They are very good equipment for schooling new personnel or transfers.


We have talked about how providers use one-stage classes to eliminate squander and increase functions by delivering just-in-time information and facts. We have explained the kind of information contained in a one particular-position lesson and how this data can be applied as a education device to sharpen the expertise and abilities of the total crew. We have reviewed the a few sorts of one particular-stage lessons: Basic Understanding, Challenge Case Review, and Improvement Case Examine, and have reviewed examples of each. Finally, we have briefly talked about the actions associated in 1-position lesson improvement.