Quantum Physics and Theosophy
Madam Blavatsky (1831 – 1891)

The Age of Aquarius has brought us a new Paradigm to stay by. It is the Rules of Quantum Physics. This new Age will be with us for the following 2000 several years. It will be the Age of the Head, The Age of Conscious Individualization.

Madame Blavatsky and her creation “The Theosophical Culture” was born all through the Age of Pisces. But even though Theosophy was put forth by Blavatsky in the 1800’s, the knowledge contained in her writings is timeless.

The Age of Aquarius with it really is Regulations of Quantum Physics tells us that there exists an infinite ocean of wondering, smart electrical power named the Quantum Ocean.

It is the Brain of God wherever you, I and all the Universe are living, transfer and have our existence. Almost everything that was, is or will be exists in the Quantum Ocean.

The knowledge of Theosophy has often existed. Each hundred a long time or so a couple enlightened people today dip into the Quantum Ocean and convey forth this knowledge.

They converse and compose about it in the design and style and knowing of the situations they lived in.

H.P. Blavatsky was a single of the enlightened ones. Her textbooks Isis Unveiled, The Secret Doctrine, Keys to Theosophy, to identify a number of, are her good is effective conveying the historic knowledge in her language.

If you re-browse her writings you will see that she completely understands the Regulations of Quantum Physics. She realized that she had to use her possess 19th Century language to get her individual variation of the historical knowledge down on paper, and throughout to the individuals.

Estimates from Madame Blavatsky:

“Maintain the link opened! Do not let my very last incarnation be a failure!”

She realized that the Legislation of Quantum Physics with it can be description of the Quantum Ocean (Thoughts of God) the place anything constantly exists, is proof of reincarnation. She knew that when she arrived back again she wanted the teachings to be solid.

“All issues that ever had been, that are, or that will be, obtaining their history on the Astral light of the tablet of the unseen Universe (Quantum Ocean) can be regarded by all.”

“There is no wonder. Everything that happens is the result of regulation (Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics) which is everlasting, immutable, and at any time alive (Intellect of God).

“Science will by no means understand either goals, spirituality or occultism. (They leave God out of their equation.) The Regulations of Quantum Physics notify us we dwell shift and have our currently being inside of the Brain of God.

“These expertise (the laws of Quantum Physics) is priceless and has been concealed only kind those people who overlook it, deride it, or deny it’s existence.”

The Great Soul of Madam Blavatsky blinked out of the Quantum Ocean (Intellect of God) in the 19th Century to give us the Knowledge of Theosophy.

It is now really exciting to sit back and wait to see how or who this good soul will ‘blink out” as soon as once again in the now of the Age of Aquarius. Who will she be? Is she right here previously?

And when we are waiting for her look we can read through publications of Theosophy” and see the correlation concerning her terms and the the Regulations of Quantum Physics.