Your Third Eye

The Age of Aquarius has presented us the Present of the Legislation of Quantum Physics. These Rules notify us that there is an infinite Ocean of Electricity referred to as the Quantum Ocean. In reality it is the Mind of God. This is the resource of all items earlier, current and long term.

For 1000’s of a long time the mystics, holy guys/women, spiritual leaders, prophets all tried using to convey to us that to converse with God you experienced to go in. Where is in?

“The Kingdom of Heaven is Within just.” Again, exactly where is “in?”

“Be Nonetheless and Know that I am God.” How do I “Know?”

“In my Father’s house there are lots of mansions.”

“The place is the Father’s dwelling?” In the Eastern philosophies they are additional mystical, poetic and metaphoric. They converse frequently of the “Third Eye.” Hinduism and Buddhism are replete with point out and similes for the “Third Eye.”

In the Upanishads, they say a human getting is like a metropolis with 10 gates. 9 gates open into the outer bodily globe. The eyes, nose, mouth and ears, anus and urethra. The Tenth Gate is the “3rd Eye” the gate to inner worlds.

We in the West have finally solved the secret of the East’s “3rd Eye.”

It is the place the Pineal Gland fulfills the Pituitary Gland behind the eyebrows. They do not fulfill bodily and every has it can be possess physical and Spiritual perform.

But they do fulfill on a considerably more subtle level. There is an vitality passage involving the Pineal Gland and the Pituitary Gland. It is called a Synapse. It is this Synapse, this move of Strength that is the door way in to the mysterious “Inner Realms.” This is the Kingdom of Heaven and “My father’s house.”

Quite a few psychics and sensitives have the ability of insight and even precognition. It comes to them through the “Third Eye.”

There is an previous stating, “Exactly where the measurer, the calculated and the measuring stick satisfy, “There” you will locate God.

The definition supplied us by the Legal guidelines of Quantum Physics tell us that the Quantum Ocean is Timeless and Room significantly less. There is only the Listed here-NOW. An Infinite, Timeless, Space considerably less stage. God is Timeless, House much less and Infinite.

In the Quantum Ocean, almost everything that at any time was, is or will be exists. In the Intellect of God, anything that at any time was, is or will be exists.

The Quantum Ocean is the Brain of God. The “Inside of” and “My Father’s Property”, is the Head of God, the Quantum Ocean.

We exist both of those in the Head of God, and the physical reality we are now experiencing. Equally at the similar time.

We need to apply a lot more Third Eye Meditations and consciously enter the Intellect of God, Quantum Ocean. It is there exactly where we can come across correct advice, wellbeing and spirituality.

A very simple Third Eye Meditation is to sit quietly in your chair and breathe softly.

Then with the Electricity of your Will say, “This is I, (your name), totally conscious in the Here-NOW (Head of God.) Get a deep breath and really feel the power from your Pineal and the vitality from your Pituitary move with each other and variety a Synapse at the bridge of your nose. This is the doorway way inside of. Observe, Follow, Exercise until you can consciously and conveniently enter the door.