Prayer has been described as sine qua non and the motor that powers productive evangelism and Christian living. This assertion was manufactured by Rev Agbo, an creator and the founder of the Double Honour Christian Centre in Enugu, Nigeria. He reported this when speaking to reporters in a prayer function in the metropolis not long ago. He reminded Christians to be continuously in prayer for themselves, their people, the church and mankind. The clergy explained that these pandemic and international crises will be about before long. He pointed out that if Jesus could not make it without prayer that it will be very hard, if not extremely hard for any Christian to be victorious or make heaven without the need of it. He also spoke on the establishment of the Double Honour Christian Centre in Enugu. He reported that the Centre will be a area to host 24 hrs non-end prayers for the church, Christians and nations. It will serve as an intercontinental and interdenominational retreat vacation spot for all Christians from all nations. It will pray for the salvation and emancipation of all mankind. It will be a centre for miracles, healing deliverance and spiritual understanding. So lots of men and women that study our publications in all the major languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, Hindi, Swedish, End, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Indonesian, Polish, Russian, all around the environment are eager and inquiring for such a location where they arrive to fellowship, pray and understand much more about prayer, non secular warfare, deliverance and all the gospel. Quite a few have been acquiring these as a result of mobile phone and world-wide-web, but complain that they want additional than that, consequently the need for this form of Christian Centre.

We will be education non secular and prayer warriors that will be standing in the gap and sent to diverse pieces of the environment. We have been carrying out this for a lot more than a 10 years and half now by our conferences and books / publications like the Electric power of Midnight Prayer, Electrical power of Sacrifice and Breaking Generational Curses: Professing Your Freedom and numerous committed columns in lots of countries. Like in the United states of america –,, etc. Ghana – etcetera. Nigeria – Guardian Newspapers,,, and so on. And so lots of other individuals about the environment. You can Google our content articles and see most of them. These platforms have lifted terrific gentlemen and women of power and holiness for the earlier 15 years. Our book Electric power of Midnight Prayer remains one of the most potent reserve/ audiobook at any time penned on religious warfare and is in all the important languages of the world. It can be found on amazon, Google, and all the key e book and e-ebook sellers.

Double Honour Christian Centre will host an auditorium that will seat a lot more than 5,000 men and women in a conference. This will be employed for providers and also for intercontinental conferences. We will be web hosting intercontinental and nationwide prayer meetings, summits and conferences. These meetings will be attracting folks from distinctive pieces of the environment, primarily in the languages the place our textbooks have been translated. It will also have blocks for class rooms, ICT, Administration, Café, refractory, athletics and gymnasium, clinic, talent acquisition centre and a mini press. And will also have a college focusing on the orphans and the less privilege in the modern society. We presently do a large amount in just our confined resources toward this. But we will like to institutionalize it as the LORD sales opportunities. Widows, orphans and the bad are on our initially line charge, as the LORD has commanded us. That is the instruction. And we will confident not fall short him. If we can do what we are accomplishing now, sure we will be additional dedicated with much more and improved assets and infrastructure, by his grace. We solicit for your help and donations to this perform. God bless!
Power of Midnight Prayer