In September, 2011, a discovery at the CERN particle accelerator seems to have demolished the foundations of Albert Einstein’s environment-view, which said that almost nothing could go faster than the pace of light. Assuming this to be correct, then the social ramifications of the discovery are so monumental, that the sooner we can maintenance the destruction that an unbalanced scientific ethos has carried out to civilisation, the far better. The truth that eminent experts have predicted this collapsing of the fastened scientific earth-check out indicates that we re-analyze their printed concerns as a matter of urgency.

The Einsteinian globe-look at claimed that every single component of 20th Century scientific contemplating had to be ruled by Einstein’s knowing of the next law of thermodynamics. This law was explained by Maria Montessori as a greed electricity legislation, accountable for damaging economic collapses. Montessori was detailed in TIME Magazine’s Century of Science as the biggest scientist for 1907. Together with her colleague, the Jesuit priest, Tielhard de Chardin, they modified Einstein’s E=mc squared, in purchase to balance universal atomic decay with sub atomic artistic energies. Their theories similar to the exploration into aesthetics and ethics conducted through the 18th Century by Immanuel Kant.

The World wide web Encyclopedia of Philosophy lists Immanuel Kant as “1 of the most influential philosophers in the record of Western philosophy. His contributions to metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics have experienced a profound effect on virtually every philosophical movement that adopted him”. The term ‘impact’ indicates the acquisition of learned wisdom from the Classical Platonic custom of Greek philosophy, refers to the ancient thought of Knowledge by way of Attractiveness.

Immanuel Kant and his colleague Hans Christian Oersted, who identified the electromagnetic subject, experienced thought of that these an moral engineering could be derived from the Platonic ‘Science for Ethical Ends’. In 1786 Hans Christian Oersted wrote his well-known Metaphysical Foundations of Pure Science, centered on Immanuel Kant’s theories. It can be deduced that their idea of ethical technological innovation to make the electrical motor a child’s toy by comparison, was related with their knowing of the qualities of their electromagnetic common ethical purpose.

Kant’s “Ethic” was considered needed to get hold of perpetual peace on Earth. This strategy led Montessori and de Chardin to look at that this electromagnetic idea was desired to open the Golden Gates to the long run, for all people at the same time, rather than for any privileged number of or picked race. This implies that an moral conscious intent was evolving in just the human inhabitants on Earth. For case in point, balls of lethal radiation are on a regular basis emitted from the sun, which are deflected by the earth’s electromagnetic discipline to shield all lifetime on Earth. The scientist, Matti Pitkanen, pointed out that this phenomenon fulfils the standards to be known as an act of consciousness. This concept of a balancing of the second legislation vitality of universal decay by the evolution of consciousness was deemed to be evident by the 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medication, Szent-Goergyi. He wrote a guide entitled The Ridiculous Apes, about the mentality of researchers who could not realize that this phenomenon existed.

The molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, sent his well-known 1959 Cambridge University’s Rede Lecture on particularly the very same speculation, claiming that civilisation would be wrecked until modern day science was reunited with the lifestyle-science of the Classical Greek Humanities. The engineer, Buckminster Fuller, echoed these sentiments in his guide, Utopia or Oblivion. His synergistic planet-see, in which entropy is balanced by inventive energies, turned the foundation of fashionable Platonic-Fullerene chemistry, now rising as an ethical scientific willpower throughout the earth.

Sir Isaac Newton’s unpublished Heresy Papers were found very last century, declaring Newton’s conviction that a far more normal profound philosophy existed to stability the common entropic strength process. Newton’s balancing physics principles were being people that when upheld the dropped Platonic Science for Moral Ends. Some researchers declared that these kinds of thinking was the operate of a criminally insane mind. All through Tony Blair’s rule as the British Primary Minister, senior scientists appeared to be hesitant to communicate about the possible technologies involved with Newton’s Heresy Papers. Pertinent multimillion dollar analysis at Cambridge College had arrive to an abrupt finish and senior researchers seemed to be anxious that the Prime Minister was undergoing some form of spiritual conversion, as was later verified accurate.

Amidst chat about a war towards an axis of evil, scientists appeared to be wary of tough the spiritual convictions of a warlike Key Minister or his religious colleague President George Bush. Inside of the chaos of an entropic entire world-watch, each leaders had a apparent obligation to secure their nations towards a critical entropic bifurcation condition, in which the common appreciation of preserving an suitable common survival morale, was regarded to be for the common good.

Traditionally, inside a international entropic predator-prey mentality, this kind of a widespread sense perspective for nationwide

security is a subject of survival of the fittest. This is at odds with the 3rd Century BC Greek Atomistic Science of Common Adore. The Roman historian, Cicero, designed that level distinct throughout the 1st Century BC, when he warned the Roman federal government about the developing popularity of that particular science in Rome. Hundreds of years later, Giordano Bruno lectured about the science of common really like at Oxford University. Upon returning to Rome he was imprisoned and tortured, and in 1600 was burnt alive by the Church for Heresy. This explains why Newton dared not publish his balancing physics rules and why, when they were discovered, were being referred to as Heresy Papers.

The historic Platonic moral everyday living-sciences plainly involved the entropic predator-prey mentality with the emergence of the evil houses of unformed subject inside of the actual physical atom. This nuclear radiation risk echoes our existing obsession with an unbalanced chemistry dependent on the logic of common atomic decay. That a fantastic amount of Japanese persons are now going through the adverse outcomes of a peacetime acceleration of atomic decay, displays that we have to have to development from the predator-prey organic phase of existence, to a level of harmonic international coexistence.

Charles Darwin placed emphasis upon the predator-prey behaviour to give credence to his entropic survival of the fittest theories. Conversely, the quantum biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, has stated that the mobile uses cooperation rather of competitiveness for the host organism’s foreseeable future in an more and more intricate, modifying ecosystem. The current use of Kantian entropic, aesthetic, Moral Jurisprudence Regulation, to preserve perpetual financial growth and progress, is unattainable. In just a closed common entropic program, perpetual financial advancement simply cannot be sustained, and pursuing these a intention can only speed up financial world wide chaos.

The six essay’s entitled The Principal of Development and the Accelerating International Disaster, composed by the Max Plank astrophysicist, Peter Kafka, from 1976-1994, predicted the present world wide financial collapse. He blamed this unpleasant circumstance on the actions of experts, technologists and politicians who were being caught up inside of an entropic planet-check out ruled by the second law of thermodynamics. On website page 40 he refers to the 2nd law as staying Diabolic, linked with the historic pagan gods of destruction. The heading for chapter 4 reads, The uselessness of the second regulation, which is a far cry from Sir Athur Eddington referring to it as the Supreme Metaphysical Legislation of the Complete Universe, or Einstein contacting it the Premier Legislation of all of Science.

In her on the net reserve, A Fuller Equation – The Synergistic Geometry of R Buckminster Fuller, Harvard University’s Novartis Professor Amy Edmondson, on web page 36, explains that Fuller derived his theories from the mathematical writings of Plato. Fuller, in his ebook, Utopia or Oblivion, also warns that our unbalanced entropic science is bringing civilisation to the issue of collapse. Edmondson wrote, that quite handful of folks know about Fuller’s journey from the historic Babylonian and Egyptian Thriller Educational institutions by means of to the cradle of Western science in ancient Greece. She encouraged the reader to appreciate Fuller’s good journey with ancient mathematics. The Platonic-Fullerene chemistry derived from that journey is mirrored in the physics derived by the physicist, Paul LaViolette, who also explored the teachings of these ancient secret educational institutions.

LaViolette examined the secret educating in order to make clear about historic concepts pertaining to the balancing physics of creation. His primordial soup of chemical and mechanical wave energies existed in what Isaac Newton called the ether. From this ether emanated the subatomic blueprints for the creation of the entire world of issue, conveying features of the physicist David Bohm’s holographic universe. LaViolette associates the evil Egyptian god, Set, with the 2nd regulation of thermodynamics, as Peter Kafka linked the identical physics law with Plato’s god of chaos, Diabolos.

La Violette’s expertise about the Science of Universal Adore appears to develop into pragmatically possible when entropy reaches a crucial stage, which can induce the predator-prey paradigm into a new innovative era of evolution. His physics seems to url with the Platonic-Fullerene chemistry to expose the possible of a self organising theory in character, sympathetic to the thought of deriving new systems from the ancient Science for Ethical Ends. He utilizes candle flame as an case in point of purchase producing an open up energy procedure, contrary to the basic being familiar with of the 2nd regulation of thermodynamics. A the latest remarkable discovery about candle flame by Dr Wuzong Zhou from St Andrews College, Scotland, reveals that LaViolette’s physics theories underlie a huge new globe pertinent to Platonic spiritual actuality. When a candle burns its flame generates tens of millions of nano-diamonds (Health care science is previously building such nano-diamonds for use in cellular healthcare study).

The discovery of the Molecule of Emotion by Dr Candace Pert in 1972 uncovered that it developed as an infinite fractal expression in the universal holographic power procedure. This by itself difficulties the validity of Einstein’s entropic world-look at, simply because the 2nd legislation of thermodynamics forbids existence to be element of these a process. This warmth loss of life law needs the demise of all life. An additional purpose of the Molecule of Emotion is the era of the endocrine fluids to maintain mobile overall health in a frequently evolving holographic environment. LaViolette’s physics and Platonic-Fullerene chemistry, functioning to harmony entropic decay, offers the necessary blueprint to enable the realisation of the United Nations Millennium Project’s 15 aims for the betterment of the world-wide human ailment.

The continuous entropic predator-prey arms race that is at this time threatening global humanity, can now be thought of to belong to yesterday’s strategy of science. A health-related science technological know-how is coming into existence, in which the fealty to pagan gods upholding the Hippocratic Oath has already been sufficiently modernised to retain its first moral ethos. A clear health care science, that will not be ‘pragmatically’ compromised by becoming seized by the loaded at the expenditure of the bad, is rising. Entropic Moral Jurisprudence Law, based mostly upon Kantian aesthetics can now be upgraded to embrace Kantian ethics as a substitute. The earth will then realise that ethics is not about how one works by using science but is a self organising house connected with evolutionary consciousness.

© Professor Robert Pope.