Package Delivery Redirect Fraud (Credit Card Fraud) Identity Theft

In some way, someway my credit score card details identified its way into the palms of evil. I heard from, an on the internet laptop or computer store that a person requested a laptop or computer and verified my home deal with as the supply to deal with. What that evil man or woman did not count on was that the eCost would double test the IP geography of the requested from computer and the geography of my revealed home deal with IP place. The evil doer was using an IP from an higher western state and my printed home deal with just takes place to be in a mid-west point out. Alarm bells went off for eCost and they named me working with the phone quantity verified with my credit score card account. I denied the buy and they canceled the purchase. I known as my credit card corporation and claimed the incident.

An additional situation arose with another credit score card this just one included Dell. There was a $3000.00 personal computer order that was denied by Dell, an additional obtain of $49.00 and nevertheless a different for $99.00. When the fourth acquire was attempted, Dell contacted me and asked if I authorized these purchases. I denied the purchases and contacted that credit card company to report that a person far too.

Here is the process from what I can find:

· A credit score card number is captured and applied to make a buy

· The evil doer takes advantage of an electronic mail address other than the credit score card holder for data on the buy get

· The evil doer confirms the credit rating card holders delivery handle

· When delivery conformation is delivered to the evil doers e mail a redirect, shipping intercept or reroute is purchased from the delivery carrier to trigger the delivery of items to one more handle (the evil doers)

Alternatives to the aforementioned fraud

· Credit Card Enterprise validates consumer e mail address verification something other than the e mail of the credit card holder will bring about the demand to be denied

· Shipper to maintain an Opt-out of redirect or reroute ability

· Service provider checks the IP tackle of the buy to validate the geography of the purchase placer and the card holder.

1 of the problems that I have encountered is the absence of facts that I have gotten from the merchants or credit history card firms. I would like to be equipped to report this to my states legal professional normal and Sheriffs Workplace, but do not have the vital information.

What can be done to shield credit card holders and companies from this kind of identification theft and credit score card fraud? Suggestions and reviews asked for.