Our Top 38 Political Agenda

(A sequence of modest proposals)

“The artwork of politics is to make the difficult, probable.”


1. To re-instill an atmosphere of peace and tranquility all over the land.

2. To implement all of the legal guidelines uniformly on all Individuals and to present sufficient means for lawful redress of grievances.

3. To strengthen and practice our regulation enforcement officers and our military to adapt to 21st century realities.

4. To bring recognized conspirators, traitors, and prison leaders to justice.

5. To prevent all kinds of domestic, overseas, and intercontinental terrorism.

6. To abolish all forms of sexual intercourse trafficking, human trafficking, and boy or girl labor in the United States.


7. To reform all governments- (RE: Governing administration Streamlining, Accountability, Cost-Efficiencies, & Overall performance Metrics)

a. Governments can and should really adopt the practices and guidelines of the personal business enterprise sector to the extent possible. This features the concepts and techniques of advertising, gross sales, purchaser company, promotion, human resources, inventory regulate, property administration, money (prolonged-expression) arranging and budgeting, finance, and investments.

b. All as well often personal organizations have overlapping responsibilities, entrenched bureaucrats, and underutilized employees. For this motive, comparable businesses have to be mixed, intransigent agency heads ought to be changed, and redundant employees allow go.

c. A marketplace investigation and expense-reward research will have to be carried out ahead of the roll-out of a government funded plan and all over the life of the software client fulfillment surveys will have to be completed. Programs exactly where demand has drastically shrunk, when the fulfillment and expectations of the program’s participants are not staying met, or when the fees considerably exceed the added benefits will either be redesigned or scrapped.

1) Each effort will be produced to transition the participants of a defunded program to a equivalent funded method.

d. Performance metrics for all departments, divisions, companies, bureaus, and staff can and really should be carried out. Even the most esoteric social solutions method can be evaluated in opposition to a set of functionality metrics. Annual, semi-once-a-year, or quarterly efficiency opinions can and should be completed by and for all departments, divisions, businesses, bureaus, and personnel by the instant overseeing supervisor. This measure of accountability will be used to the cheapest grade employee up to the Cupboard stage. All federal government staff, like political appointees, can and will be fired if they fall short 3 efficiency assessments in a yr.

e. A brief official attractiveness system is available to terminated personnel tiny awards, bonuses, promotions, or community services commendations will be provided to staff members who outperform and exceed all overall performance evaluation criterion.

f. All out-of-date guidelines and rules will be voided.

g. Taskforces, perform groups etc., with confined ambitions and targets will be solar-stetted upon the completion of their aims.

h. Out-of-date, worn, scrapped, or abandoned residence and gear will have to be disposed of in the non-public market place at a sensible value. All previous, outdated, or buggy desktops, servers, I.T. devices, application, and components should be changed by the most recent or up coming newest tools or computer software. This procedure-vast substitution and upgrading of govt tools will be awarded to the top rated 2-3 U.S. brands on a aggressive bid foundation.

1) Inasmuch the governing administration is a non-earnings entity, and are not able to demonstrate a financial gain perse, practices and methods geared toward saving cash, cutting fees, working out fiscal duty, and returning income to the Treasury are not precluded. For this purpose, procedures aimed at repairing, recycling, reusing, conserving time, revenue, and strength shall be inspired. Procedures, treatments, and actions of charge-controls, exact spending budget investigation, stock regulate, and assessing the efficient lifetime-span of the item will be followed.

8. To stability the finances as realistically as probable.

9. To shell out down the national personal debt as realistically as attainable.

10. To amend the tax code so that absolutely everyone pays the exact same percentage of gross money.

11. To promote the concept of “buyer user fees” anywhere and each time feasible, sensible, and reasonable.

12. To section out Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare slowly but surely slowly and methodically more than a 10-20-year period of time and substitute them with self-directed or employer directed governing administration backed securities with fastened incomes, rates, payments, etc. Heath Personal savings Accounts, etc. can and should really be utilized in place of Medicare premiums.

13. To merge/mix all federal retirement ideas, courses, and agencies into 1 Federal Retirement Company. This will incorporate armed service, civil service, overseas company, railroad staff, forest company, community well being services and other federal retirement programs for particular groups of folks.

Parts of Big Paying-

14. To establish a price-powerful and trustworthy health care method.

a. A sizable health and fitness treatment regulatory company ought to be recognized with enforcement powers to curtail the prevalent abuse and dishonesty commonplace all over the present-day wellbeing treatment programs

1) The major dilemma of overall health care techniques, past and existing, is the proclivity of all of its members (such as medical professionals and sufferers) to lie, exaggerate, and embellish the details.

2) No method can survive and thrive when most people concerned are dishonest.

15. To reform the prison justice process which include the police, courts, prisons, parole, probation, associated regulation enforcement businesses, hospitals, and other linked amenities.

16. To supply Inexpensive Housing to all those who cannot simply purchase a household. The correct placement, dimensions, composition, design and style, and locale for the development of economical housing will be still left to the local local community to choose. To present low-price tag equitable loans to married partners qualifying as initially time home purchasers.

17. To rebuild the nation’s infrastructure like freeways, highways, truck routes, bridges, tunnels, canals, ports, waterways, airports, water techniques, dams, railroads, the electric powered energy grid, all community structures, and to deliver for the progress of general public transportation.

18. To relocate the inhabitants of pre-WWII public housing into momentary housing, demolish all dilapidated community housing, and establish new sustainable medium high-quality public housing for all poor and minimal-revenue families.

Worldwide Relations & Foreign Policy-

19. To assure pal and foe alike on the intercontinental scene that we will not interfere in the domestic affairs of one more country. We will honor all current treaties and agreements if they are in our ideal interest to do so. Treaties, agreements, that are not in the ideal fascination of the United States &/or put the United States at a extreme disadvantage, will at the suitable time, be opened for renegotiation or annulment.

a. Treaties, agreements, codicils etc., which arrived into remaining by Executive Buy and without the need of the consent of Congress will be reviewed, voided, or sent to Congress for official adoption.

20. To advertise, aid, stimulate the concept of a territorial critical. In furtherance of this we keep that the unique sovereignty of just about every country-point out is inviolate and of a significant order.

a. We will regard, secure, and implement the thought of national borders, boundaries, and demarcation strains.

21. To work with multi-lateral, regional, and intercontinental companies for the maintenance and defense of an interdependent environment get. This form of environment buy is established on the legal guidelines of every nation-point out as properly as a sequence of international legal guidelines that stipulate the legal rights and responsibilities of each individual of the actors. In location of direct overseas assist, we will donate/add funds, materials, individuals, tools, and providers to other nations on an as will need foundation and by IGOs and NGOs. In addition to endorsing the basic principle of a honest open democracy dependent on a well known vote for elected officials each time and where ever affordable and realistic, we will support genuine efforts to ease hunger, ailment, poverty, abuse, and the aftereffects of catastrophe in the course of the environment.

a. Considering that this is primarily a description of a political globe get, it does not instantly handle the international economic scene or the progress of world trade. We assert that the responsibility for the financial well-staying of every single and each individual nation state lies within its very own overall economy and will be managed by its individual nationwide governing administration. On the just one hand, massive multinational firms, economical institutions, strategic alliances etcetera., can and do have an affect on the overall economy of nation-states but on the other hand, we should guard towards the unwarranted encroachment of non-public firms into other country’s domestic affairs. We advise that if a firm or enterprise has a big and immediate impact on a foreign country’s financial system, then it ought to also have a lawful and abiding desire in its tradition, morays, and customs.

1) Although the U.S. governing administration can act as an middleman in resolving intercontinental political and financial disputes, and enforces applicable U.S. Customs restrictions, it will not interfere with the neighborhood legal guidelines, tactics, or customs of other country-states.

Countrywide-Political Reform

22. To create regulations of conduct and ethics for all future candidates. A complete history look at will be done prior to each individual political party’s countrywide conference of all of the finalists together with prison civil, fiscal, and political improprieties. Candidates will be forbidden to accept cash or make pledges/agreements with foreign governments, organizations, functions, or firms before, through, or just after their campaigning.

a. Potential candidates with a verified extensive-term observe file of unsavory or criminal habits will be barred from functioning for public workplace.

b. Muck-racking, rumor mongering, prospect character assassination, the bribing or cajoling of a “witness” are not able to and will not be tolerated. Unsubstantiated stories that are posted below the guise of factual reporting will be prohibited. Men and women, corporations, or companies that build, publish, or disseminate prejudicial stories/content will be fined or sentenced up to 20 yrs in prison. In quick, publishing detrimental and wrong information is a criminal offense.

c. A moratorium/blackout period on presidential coverage will be set into result on the information media 48 hours prior to election day.

d. Each individual hard work will be produced to enhance the precision, time included, and the performance of tabulating voters’ ballots all through the place.

23. To impede, curtail, limit the influences of particular interest teams, foyer groups, and PACs of all types in the nation and states’ political processes. A course of action will be produced that puts lobbyists, etc., at arm’s length from elected officers.

24. To overturn Citizen’s United.

Companies & Packages-

25. To market and fund technical training at the substantial school and secondary university degree.

26. In check out of massive unemployment, underemployment, element-time, seasonal, and quickly utilized population tendencies that go away most Americans scrapping by, we will curtail current immigration as a lot as attainable. All recent immigrants will be afforded a pathway to citizenship &/or an option to repatriate to the house country. Any employer who knowingly and willingly hires unlawful immigrants will be sentenced to 8 a long time in jail. We will not deport illegal immigrants unless they have committed a criminal offense inside the previous two yrs.

27. To examine and build all forms of electricity with an emphasis on building the area vitality resources that best match the sources and desires of the nearby group, town, or condition.

28. To deal with poverty, crime, starvation, homelessness, and sickness in a intelligent, neutral, and humane manner.

29. To tackle unhealthy and counterproductive demographic tendencies in the United States.

30. To hear carefully to the American people, seek the steerage and knowledge of the Almighty, and to carefully take into account the drive end result, its implications and repercussions in advance of earning a coverage conclusion. To realize a balance in all locations of community everyday living.

Schooling, Media, & World-wide-web-

31. We are now in an era of too much to handle information and information, and the public can no lengthier discern reality from fiction. In view of the explosion of media stores, on-line and print commentaries and the reprehensible habits of a lot of journalists, bloggers, reporters, columnists, and commentators we will start out monitoring and censuring all those persons and corporations that falsify, distort, lie, and manufacture rumors and wild speculation. This will be accomplished by an neutral panel of journalistic industry experts properly trained in ethics and the legislation governing No cost Speech.

a. The existing significant stage of distrust and animosity of the American men and women is/has been exacerbated by blatantly irresponsible information reportage and commentary.

b. Due to the fact the bedrock of our American democracy is an educated and enlightened general public, this rule is endangered when the community is misinformed, puzzled, and misunderstanding.

c. Barring any strict enforceable code of ethics from the field the govt must established policy expectations for all all those used in the field and punish people who distort the reality.

32. To establish an Online Enforcement Agency to look into and provide prices in opposition to people, companies, international governments, or enterprises that have interaction in cyber-crime, youngster porn, id theft in addition to a dozen other world wide web crimes. The IEA will function in conjunction with law enforcement, the intelligence group, and the armed service to observe down and apprehend countrywide and intercontinental cyber-criminals. In addition, the IEA will work with them to detect, observe, and thwart spying, surveillance, hacking, and denial of assistance by international governments, their brokers, or personal parties. Eventually, the IEA will function with non-public market to observe, track, and apprehend people today and organizations accountable for malware, viruses, and other unwarranted apps or fixes put in within just computers that are intrusive, hazardous, frustrating, and mischievous.

33. Educational Reform-To really encourage, encourage, help, and fund conservative lecturers, researchers, and academians in the nation’s superior educational facilities, faculties, and universities. Publicly funded educational facilities have to obtain a harmony amongst liberal-minded and conservative-minded instructors, professors, college, and senior administrative workers when feasible. Presently, about 90% of all individuals utilized in the subject of instruction are of a liberal thoughts. Certified but conservative minded candidates have been barred from employment by way of a selective recruiting approach. This has led to a fewer than goal approach to all matter make any difference.

34. To rewrite all present-day textbooks- In conjunction with the prevalence of liberal left-wing academians, we have noticed that most of the textbooks created in the final thirty decades have taken a clearly contrarian look at of culture, both of those below in the United States and globally. Theories, research, experiences, and the essential assumptions of daily life eschew the favourable, rational, or healthy precepts of humanity in its place they expose a distasteful, drab, and pessimistic method to their matter subject. As if to throw off or reject hundreds of a long time of believed and examine, the authors of college texts in use today adhere to a dogmatic philosophy of socialism, feminism, revolution, secularism, and liberation. By training such a narrow-minded ideological viewpoint, the student is deprived of a truly liberal education and learning when he/she is permitted to ponder and ponder all of the opportunities. Maybe, theories in normal have outlived their usefulness, but in possibly circumstance, college students who are not able to see the execs and the drawbacks to each and every argument cannot be very well-well balanced and realistic thinkers. For instance, practically just about every textbook in the wide range of social sciences emphasizes racial and economic inequality as the primary issue of life. Subsequently, the college student is indoctrinated to the radical principles of white male privilege, hidden discrimination, sexism, and a host of instantly learned phobias. The pupil is then persuaded that all of society’s difficulties can promptly and fully be eradicated as a result of violent revolution. It would be substantially to their alarm to discover out that there have generally been social issues of a single type or yet another. In our view, there can be no knowledge but only foolishness and risk in this unenlightened and evil pedagogy.

a. Professors, teachers, researchers, or other utilized in the field of instruction who distort or less than report the points, falsify their research data, teach, publish, or market a patently misleading guide, study, report, or publication will be seriously disciplined. Barring an enforceable code of ethics by educational authorities, the governing administration will censure, wonderful, and/or void the academician’s qualifications when they knowingly and willingly distort the truth of the matter.

35. To maintain teachers accountable, conduct general performance critiques, and terminate lecturers who continually display very poor educational accomplishment of their learners above 2 ½ yrs.


36. To abolish the predatory procedures of time-share re-sellers or brokers. All time share owners will have to be offered the opportunity to offer or forfeit his/her time share device back to the administration enterprise with agreeable conditions.

Other- Constitutional Modification(s)-

37. To reestablish the connection in between faith and state. A govt devoid of all ethical, ethical, non secular, or spiritual rules and beliefs does not have a company basis no guiding light, and consequentially is immoral and baseless. Even so, there shall be no official state religion. Issues of excellent fat shall be mentioned overtly but in a somber tone and a consensus of the whole overall body must prevail.

a. Each and every citizen has the correct to adhere to the religion of their individual deciding upon supplying this sort of spiritual exercise does not interfere with the spiritual legal rights of other folks, and is not treasonous, felony, barbaric, or satanic. No 1 will be pressured, coerced, bullied, threatened, or ridiculed to adopt a religion not of their have picking out.

b. A dispute around the infringement of a religious follow will be settled in a court docket of legislation furnishing the jurors and court docket officials are educated in resolving religious disputes equitably.

c. Inside the general public arena, politicians and elected officials shall not attempt to evangelize but just state the core belief or principle at stake. A well mannered, civil, and mannerly discourse shall observe and the stronger most constructive argument shall prevail.

d. We consider that most important religions incorporate comparable ethical precepts, hence from a community plan standpoint, disagreements in excess of main religious ideas really should not materialize.

e. Federal government(s) shall not promulgate procedures for spiritual worship or in any way prohibit the expression of sound healthy spiritual beliefs. Only broad spiritual principles can be applied to wide spots of public coverage.

f. If legislators, community policy makers, and all those involved in imposing the regulation do not really feel capable or are not able to intelligently articulate their own religious beliefs in addition to comprehension the beliefs and ideas of other religions, the over item shall be struck in its entirety.

38. To search for truthful, affordable, realistic, and balanced compromises on: a) gun management, b) professional-lifetime vs. pro-alternative, c) weather alter, d) nuclear proliferation and arms manage.