Pythagoras was a great teacher, thinker and mathematician in Historical Greece. Thousands of many years back he mentioned, “God Geometrizes.” He also reported, “Quantities are alive and are the generation resources of the Universe.” In addition, he gave the earth the great mathematical mystery called “The Pythagorean Theorem.”

Over 40 yeas in the past, when I was first introduces to the writings and teachings of Pythagoras, there was in immediate rapport. I began my forty year examine of numerology. Even nevertheless I did not comprehend what he meant when he stated, “Quantities are alive.” I considered it.

For much too several a long time, myself and millions of other individuals have been kept in the darkness of the dogmatic teachings of the Age of Pisces. We were being kept from considering “out of the box. We had been taught that only humans, animals and plants were alive. And that only we could have a knowledge, a power or electrical power of any sort.

How could such an inanimate object, like quantities, have an intelligence? How could they have the ability to develop? How could they be a lot more than a chalk mark on a black board or a pencil mark on a pad of paper? We they are! They are, in truth, Divine Powers and we can use them to recreate our very own life.

The Age of Aquarius, with it truly is new paradigm of the Rules of Quantum Physics, has blown not only the lid, but also the sides off of the “Piscean Box.” These regulations notify us that all is vitality. And that anything is alive with “Quanta,” lifestyle drive, that feelings, as effectively as numbers are matters.

Every thing, Universes, Galaxies, Planets, Suns, individuals, views, thoughts, and numbers all exist in an infinite ocean of wondering, smart electrical power. It is known as the Quantum Ocean, which in reality is the Intellect of God. We are all reside move and have our remaining in just the Brain of God. Given that we are power, the Universe is electrical power. Planets, other men and women, puppies, cats, Numbers all are power. We and all energies have an affect on each individual other.

The Great Cosmic Legislation of Three and the Guidelines of Resonant Frequencies inform us that each time one vitality discipline (us) comes into get in touch with with an additional power area (man or woman, area or point) a connection is born. The romance of the two various energies produces a 3rd electrical power. This 3rd electrical power is impacts the relationship in numerous refined and not so subtle methods. When you ended up born, there was a specific numerological strength existing in the world about you.

By having your 1st breath, you tuned your finer strength framework with the prevailing energy framework of the working day. You tuned into the power of the selection. In Numerology, this is referred to as your “Destiny Number” and you simply cannot adjust it because it was the prevailing energy of the day you were born. This energy is inside of you and is a long lasting element of the signal you transmit to the globe all over you.

The signal we job outward, attracts our life in the kind of persons, areas and events. Therefore, it is vital that you know the attracting electrical power of your “Future Amount.” There are only 9 living amount powers. Every two digit range can be minimized to 1 of the foundation nine numbers. All is vitality! You are electrical power! Quantities are power! When two electricity systems appear with each other a 3rd electricity is fashioned, that becoming the partnership which will considerably impact your daily life.

The identify you were being given can be lowered with Pythagoras’s numerological method to a sequence of quantities. These quantities build relationships with you and catch the attention of men and women, locations and occasions into your life. If you never specifically like the way your lifestyle is heading, not sufficient income, well being, like, or creativeness, then merely improve the letters of your name and increase or subtract letters, right up until they incorporate up to the figures of the numerological energies you want to have in your life.

You can transform your existing actuality into a much more healthful, joyful an loving fact by switching your name. Recall Numerology exhibits us how and that all is energy. Turn out to be a distinctive power currently being.