Mandarin Chinese Language Learning Strategies For Bodily-Kinesthetic Learners

Studying the Chinese language can be complicated, so it is crucial that you build a appropriate studying strategy right before diving into your scientific studies. Howard Gardner’s Idea of Numerous Intelligences is a good concept to reference when producing your understanding tactic. The concept states that there are seven distinctive types of learners, visible-spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, and logical-mathematical. This article will aim on learning methods for bodily-kinesthetic learners.

What Are Bodily-Kinesthetic Learners

Bodily-kinesthetic learners are individuals who are incredibly in contact with their bodies. They are fantastic with their fingers, and they delight in applying motion, making points, and touching objects. They can be found in a variety of professions, from dancers to surgeons. These are the type of men and women who tend to talk as significantly with their body language as they do through spoken words and phrases. If you are just one of these learners you will discover nicely by means of bodily exercise, function-enjoying, acting, and lots of other types of hands-on mastering. You really should integrate actual physical objects and resources into your finding out approach.

Finding out Tactic 1

If you are a bodily-kinesthetic learner, you have to have to get your palms on authentic objects, so, when understanding basic vocabulary text, do just that. For case in point, if you want to understand the names of basic kitchen objects, start off gathering these products and utilizing them as analyze tools. In its place of employing flash playing cards to memorize, for case in point, the names of taking in utensils, get actual knives and forks and chopsticks and set them into a box. Memorize their names by reaching into the box, pulling out an item and reciting its title in Chinese.

Mastering Method 2

Function enjoying is a powerful device for any person understanding a international language. It is primarily impressive, however, for bodily-kinesthetic learners. If you are one of these learners, you want to locate a associate ASAP. There is an never-ending supply of role-participating in things to do when studying Chinese. For case in point, you can act like you happen to be in a restaurant, a journey agency, or a hotel. You can inquire each individual other for instructions or have mock company conferences. You can even shell out an full day together performing like tourists or tour guides, or nearly anything else you like. The significant point is to converse as much as attainable making use of Chinese.

Mastering Approach 3

If you are a bodily-kinesthetic learner, you are good at performing out, which usually means you most probable deliver passionate speeches. You could or may well not be a wonderful speech author, but that is not vital below. What is essential is the delivery. So, what you can do is go on the web and lookup for famous speeches that have been translated into Chinese (there are heaps of them). Memorize the speeches and then produce them to your good friends and spouse and children members.

Understanding Method 4

Making things is a effective way for bodily-kinesthetic learners to recall things. How can this enable you learn a language? Effectively, say you want to learn how to talk about family in your focus on language. You can really make a household tree. It does not have to be also innovative or time consuming. You can use paper and other objects, or just draw a image. It’s the act of producing something with your arms that will help you master.


If you are a bodily-kinesthetic learner, you want to be energetic. Don’t just sit at a desk and memorize vocabulary text. If you do, you will grow to be bored and get rid of desire in your studies. As an alternative, accumulate bodily objects and use them as examine resources. Be positive you keep lively, developing, creating and performing as you find out.