Is Kitesurfing Dangerous?

Really usually when I want to share my passion and enjoyment for kitesurfing with my get the job done colleagues and other acquaintances, I am greeted with puzzled, terrified appears, some pity (weak soul, he won’t know what he is executing) and the everlasting dilemma: aren’t you afraid that you are heading to die? Is not kitesurfing a dangerous sport? Only crazy people do it! Then, to reinforce their argument, they deliver me YouTube videos showing crash compilations, or fish the world wide web for excessive incidents and horror tales. My sister cannot bear the though of me carrying out it, though my mum hardly tolerates it, and claims, with a recognizing smile: “Nicely… if it helps make you happy… “.

I operate as a Health and fitness and Basic safety Experienced and, by definition, my profession needs that I carry out a possibility assessment and get ready a process assertion for rather a great deal every single exercise that is carried out in my work position. Undoubtedly, a human being that will make a residing from telling people what is protected and what is not, really should not engage in such nuts and dangerous extracurricular actions, like kitesurfing. Most likely it would be safer to just sit on the couch and watch the other ‘crazy’ persons performing it. Oh, truly?

So, is kitesurfing seriously an extreme, perilous exercise?

The very simple answer to that is that kitesurfing is only as dangerous as you make it. Just like a canine is only unsafe if it has acquired the wrong training, so kitesurfing is only hazardous if completed with the wrong thoughts established and mistaken perspective.

Improper attitude is to have a handful of drinks then head to the beach front and attach yourself to a 12m kite in 25knots winds blowing offshore… then try to do some methods just like the other guy was performing when you ended up watching it from the bar… How really hard can it be, eh?

The appropriate way of thinking is, of course to head more than to the seashore and go straight to the kite centre, strategy a licensed school and get the appropriate schooling. All through that schooling, carried out by a skilled, accredited kitesurfing teacher, you will be educated in a lot of basic safety elements, and lots of risks will be highlighted, alongside with most effective tactics on how to prevent those people hazards and how to proficiently control all residual threats. You will master how to evaluate wind and water ailments, entry and exit points, study about proper of way (who has priority on the drinking water), master how to commence and land a kite, learn how to h2o commence and how to overall body drag and, if needed self-rescue. Throughout your accredited kitesurfing study course, you will find out how to navigate a kite in a controlled method, and what to do if factors do not go according to program. You will also master how to ride on the board and how to rescue your board if you reduce it. You will learn all the kitesurfing essentials, and these basic principles will serve you as a good foundation as you progress in your kitesurfing, even after you stopped having classes.

But, probably even additional importantly, you will master to regard the activity, you will discover that if accomplished appropriately it is neither serious, nor risky at all. You will master how to study and be in tune with character, find out how to be totally free and how to come across both tranquillity and journey at the same time. You will be impressed to journey to spots that you’ve in no way read about right before and meet folks that you under no circumstances although existed. You will master to fly… very actually. Lifetime will never ever be the exact again, mainly because, the moment you have expanded your mind and your horizon, there is no way back again.

So indeed, kitesurfing is dangerous. It is unsafe for those that find it harmless to remain on the sofa and label each and every free spirit outrageous. But you are not that man or woman. You know that the true risk is staying afraid to attempt… as it may modify you forever.

See you on the drinking water, my close friend. Let’s ride collectively…