In this lesson you will understand how to understand Spanish like crazy along with some Spanish vocabulary words. You will also master some prefixes in the target language. Let’s glance at some vocabulary text that get started with the prefix “des.”

Deshecho – undone
Deshacer – to undo
Descubierto – uncovered
Desagradecido – ungrateful
Destapar – to uncover
Desafortunadamente – regretably

Note that the Spanish prefix “des” can also indicate the English prefix “dis.”

Desarmar – to disarm
Desaprobar – to disapprove
Desobediente – disobedient

Now this is a pitfall that you will want to stay away from. And it is a oversight that I have read extra than
a single English speaker make when talking this foreing language.

The proper way to say “disrespectful” in Spanish is NOT”desrespetuoso.” The appropriate way to say “disrespectful” in this foreign language is “irrespetuoso.”

Katerine le habló a su mamá de manera irrespetuosa gritándole palabras groseras.
Katerine spoke to her mother in a disrespectful method yelling impolite phrases at her.

In fact, if you go to the on the web “diccionario” (dictionary) for the Serious Academia Española (Royal Spanish Academy), the official establishment liable for regulating the Spanish language, and you look for for “desrespetuoso” you will get a message that claims:

“La palabra desrespetuoso no está en el Diccionario.”
The phrase desrespetuoso is not in the Dictionary.

So you should not at any time say “desrespetuoso” when you should really be saying “irrespetuoso” for the English phrase “disrespectful.”

This concludes modern on the web Spanish lesson on how to discover Spanish like insane alongside with some Spanish vocabulary words and phrases and prefixes in the Spanish language.