How to Learn Spanish Grammar and Spanish Vocabulary Words

In modern on the net Spanish lesson, I will aid you discover Spanish grammar and give you some Spanish vocabulary words. In order to learn any language, you need to 1st learn the grammar and vocabulary of the language. Let us begin with some new vocabulary text:

1. Suela – sole of a shoe. Do not confuse this term with “el suelo” which means “the ground” as the floor that you stroll on outdoor. In Medellín, Colombia, I have also heard folks use the phrase “suelo” as a substitute of the word “piso” to refer to the flooring that is indoors.

Las suelas de tus zapatos están gastadas de caminar.
The soles of your footwear are worn out from walking.

2. Planta – sole of a foot. “Planta” can also indicate “plant.”

Te quemaste la planta de un pie porque pisaste descalzo la arena que estaba muy caliente.
You burned the sole of your foot for the reason that you stepped barefooted on sand that was extremely warm.

3. Granizo – hail

4. Granizar – to hail

Cuando graniza, una sombrilla no es suficiente para protegerse.
When it hails, an umbrella is not sufficient to secure one.

Observe: In a lot of Spanish talking nations around the world, the word for “umbrella” is “paraguas,” and the phrase “sombrilla” is employed to refer to an umbrella that is utilized only at the seashore or an umbrella that has a appear that is normal of “el Oriente” and is utilized to guard a person from the sunlight. But in Medellín, the word for “umbrella” is “sombrilla.”

Now that you have learned a number of new Spanish vocabulary phrases, let’s review Spanish grammar. Recently, I read a a “caballero” (gentleman) from the U.K. make the next mistake when speaking Spanish to a Paisa (particular person from Medellín)

He Improperly claimed:

Hoy es el lunes?
Today is Monday?

The Correct way to say it is:

Hoy es lunes?
Now is Monday?

Despite the fact that it is required in Spanish to use the definite report (“el”) in advance of the names of the days of the 7 days, you do not use “el” or any form of definite article soon after any variety of the verb ‘ser’ WHEN Speaking ABOUT Times OF THE 7 days.”