Book Review – The Biology of Belief by Bruce H Lipton, PhD

The Biology of Perception by Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D – E book Review

Recommend: No

Star Rating (1 via 5): 2

Style: Metaphysical/New Science

Significant Faculty Biology 101

This book’s subtitle is Unleashing the Ability of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles, so as an avid reader on matters connected to spirituality and consciousness, I was thrilled to read through it. The ebook also experienced two pages of endorsements inside the front go over by many prestigious resources as properly as large range of beneficial opinions on Amazon. I approached my reading through with higher anticipations just after this kind of raving testimonials. In the spirit of entire disclosure on my mindset for spirituality, I am a business believer in Unique Trigger and appreciate scientific theories/scientific tests that harmoniously unite the two mindsets of science and spirituality. I am also a agency believer that you can and ought to feel in the two and more data ought to be produced accessible to support their complementary character as opposed to their segmented viewpoints. I admire and persuade the scientific group that is brave ample to arrive ahead in just this context.

On the other hand, I am also a book critic who at the quite least expects authors to give at least a thread of content material in their ebook as it relates to the title. I think that perhaps making use of Being familiar with as a substitute of Unleashing in the book’s subtitle might have been a lot far more acceptable. At the conclude of the day, I found no content material that furnished solutions, theories, practices or methods for Unleashing something other than a very long drawn out and considerably repetitive clarification of mobile structure and features.

I consider myself to be reasonably good and I required to fully grasp the correlation amongst the cells, their membranes and how this may possibly all relate to consciousness, but the amount of detail that Lipton chose to share in this book was way over the prime. Except if this reserve was supposed to be part of the curriculum for a significant school or early college biology class, there is just no need to have to go into the amount of particulars about how our cell’s amino acids are assembled or offering diagrams on the molecular composition of unique protein molecules. I notify you it took every single ounce of exertion I experienced and a number of cups of coffee to get via the 5 out of 7 chapters in this book that dealt with biological details that I will never don’t forget and that could have been explained within just a web page or two to aid the author’s viewpoints.

I did recognize the authors attempt to existing this dry and unique material in a lighter and conversational manner than most would uncover in a textbook, but even so the substance was extensively specific for a ebook that finally intended to talk about consciousness and spirituality. I did take pleasure in the chapter Lipton wrote about Acutely aware Parenting, entitled: Acutely aware Parenting: Mother and father as Genetic Engineers . Do not let the chapter title scare you far too considerably, in this chapter I in fact observed some theories and scientific tests described in a lot more typical phrases which helped to get the authors points across.

Social Statements Bundled

I am not a admirer of authors applying a ebook to thrust their social agenda when the book is classified as one thing else. No matter of no matter whether I imagine in the social assertion or not is not the issue. The e book is about a single issue (in accordance to the title and e book description) and need to not be utilized to get a captive viewers to get on a soapbox about some societal challenge. If you want to speak about that concern, compose a guide about it that obviously informs the reader about your content.

I’m positive the Lipton intends this viewpoint to be a part of his unleashing of consciousness and a dependable matter to talk about (the statement he is making at the stop of the guide is about how human beings are destroying the earth and just about every other and we are destined to annihilation if we never transform our aware behaviors) – but in my viewpoint this is a topic ideal talked about as section of a location the place your audience is receptive to these viewpoints, not captive. Furthermore, what helps make this stand out as a social ideological system relatively than a very generic resolution to expanded consciousness was the contradictions in his very own theories. Either you believe that in worldwide constraints (human destruction of the world) or your imagine in mobile infinite adaptation (frequently increasing centered on biological and religious variables.)


For a reader seeking to achieve insights about how science and spirituality co-mingle and mix into a harmonious romance, this e book is for you only if you take pleasure in the superior finish of the science part of this equation. For me, anyone who enjoys discovering scientific and spiritual ideas and having qualifications on the ideas introduced, this guide was way as well specific on the science aspect of items and pretty weak on the spirituality facet of things. I was ready to get his position general about mobile conduct based on environmental input, but by having so granular into the science of the mobile framework, I lost desire overall. Frankly, I only completed the book so that I could assessment it. I would not be able to propose this e-book to audience that are intrigued generally in consciousness as it relates to the two science and spirituality.

I did come across the writers style and presentment to be effortless to read through, but if you are presenting product that is dry and in excess of saturating, your relaxed creating model receives eaten up by your love of hearing you talk about information no 1 cares about or will ever bear in mind (except if you are also a scientist). Finally, the readers do not ever genuinely get a perception of how we may possibly enhance our biology of perception, even nevertheless the authors states a number of periods we can and that he, in point, has.