The dictionary definition of hobby is: “A pursuit outdoors one’s standard occupation engaged in particularly for relaxation.” (Merriam-Webster)

The term passion evokes an graphic of one thing you like to do, a little something you ache for when you are sitting as your desk searching out at the window at a sunny day, one thing you in no way appear to be to have quite plenty of time for.

So why is it that some people connect with artwork a pastime, and some individuals don’t?

And do the types who are executing artwork as a passion have extra freedom, leisure and enjoyable? Whilst the rest of us “serious artists” only operate into innovative roadblocks as soon as we move off the hobby coach and put on the “artist” hat?

I started imagining about artwork as a passion when I heard about Downtown Jam, a Toronto club made up of three studio rooms wherever novice musicians can sign-up for a evening of jamming.

No audience, no performance, basically playing for exciting.

I requested Andrew Corridor, the operator of Downtown Jam, the dissimilarities he sees involving a “jammer” and a professional musician. He states a “jammer” would not make his or her dwelling from their audio. They have yet another work, and occur to Downtown Jam as a way to unwind and de-anxiety at the end of their workday.

So I commenced imagining some additional about the variation between currently being an artist and having art as a hobby. First I questioned why someone would want to have artwork as a pastime, and I arrived up with a few main motives.

1. Freedom.

2. Peace.

3. Exciting.

As I appeared nearer at each and every of these motives, I observed that each of them are the suggestion of a extremely big iceberg of psychological, psychological and resourceful issues in what was turning out to be a quite complicated subject matter!!


Art as a passion usually means independence from the resourceful constraints that could be included once you declare it as a small business, way of everyday living or aspect of your identity.

In addition, a interest consists of much more particular choice and expression of the artist’s personalized innovative choices.

This is as opposed to employing creativity in a much more commercial setting, to satisfy a fee as component of a position or in a therapeutic environment the place clinical things to consider appear right before personal inventive fulfillment.

Darlene, a whole-time artist, wrote in an e mail, “I now function in a total time work carrying out artwork, although it is not my design and style or passion, I nevertheless do get pleasure from it…..other individuals imagine of me as a professional artist…..I just don’t sense that way at this time”.

Artwork as a interest won’t just contain a feeling of “freedom FROM”, it also entails a sense of “freedom TO”.

When it is really not a thing we really feel we “have to” get started, get the job done on or comprehensive, do not we method a resourceful challenge with much more zest? When we are involved in a interest, just isn’t it additional about the “executing” than about the finishing?

The downside to this liberty is that there is certainly no tension to complete, to get greater, to obstacle ourselves or to develop. And it gets way too straightforward to “conceal our light-weight beneath a bushel” and keep our imaginative presents to ourselves rather of sharing them with the planet.

An additional down aspect of this approach to art is that hobbies are usually the initial thing to go when we get active.

And will not freedom contradict what we know to be legitimate about creativity? We are not free of charge to do it we’re COMPELLED to do it. It can be not seriously a decision.

Like Elaine wrote in the Daily Artist weblog, ” Art is my life. It truly is my id, it is the way I am place jointly on the inside…… sooner or afterwards I have to do something creative…..”


The incredibly definition of interest at the commencing of this write-up speaks of relaxation as the purpose.

When the method of pursuing our creative expression CAN be relaxing and peaceful when we are in the artistic move, Staying an artist can be a resource of anxiety. Roadblocks to creativity effects our mental, bodily and psychological well-remaining, as very well as our interactions with many others.

A.V. writes that art is not a little something he DOES, to chill out or for any other purpose, it truly is anything he IS.

“It is not attainable to have everything imaginative as a hobby. Even what may be regarded as a passive exercise like listening to new music will become meaningful only when you sink your whole getting into it…For a thoroughly integrated man or woman there can be no hobbies only other dimensions of the particular person.”


Art as a hobby phone calls for a sense of Fun and lack of “significant” or “tricky” operate.

But when we’re in it for fun, it implies that we never get ourselves significantly as artists. And this rubs some artists the wrong way.

As Steve writes, “…if I look at artwork as just a pastime, I really feel I am performing myself an injustice and neglecting a little something that I really like so considerably.”

This impacts your interactions and interactions with:

* The authorities, as there may be economical repercussions for not declaring your artistic get the job done

* Other artists, how you’re perceived by them and the aid you can give and acquire

* Your loved ones and buddies, and how respectful they are of your artistic time

* The basic general public, your consumers and prospective clients

* Oneself!

And also, when we convey to ourselves our art is just for fun, you can find no impetus to put in the time and effort and hard work to move earlier our latest degree of skill and attain mastery.

This isn’t often real, of program. Andrew Hall tells me that his “jammers” in some cases established a objective of discovering how to enjoy all 500+ tracks in the Downtown Jam songbook. And that surely will take perform! But he also states, “the common ‘jammer’ does not or really should not choose her/his musical skills much too critically.”

Doug writes, “Maintaining art as a hobby is not only very good sense, it truly is good for you. For many years, even when I was not confident of my “creative link” I ongoing to make collages and each and every time I would enter that creative “move” know for guaranteed that whether it can be a interest, a calling, or a expert or all — art is not only necessary, it is bliss in pure kind.”

Andrew Corridor mentioned the rewards that his normal “jammers” appreciate. “This is a wellness club” and a substantially-wanted outlet for releasing tension. The club supplies a prospect to satisfy great persons who are all there for the very same motives, and “you can count on acquiring fun in this article”. Andrew strives (and succeeds) to make the club as welcoming and entertaining as doable.

In my individual expertise of using new music as a pastime, I have to say that I had a Amazing time at Downtown Jam.

I am now blessed to be equipped to use my creativeness in quite a few varieties in my function life – my tunes remedy calls on my musical, interpersonal, therapeutic and medical competencies, my freelance producing calls on my organizational, imaginative dilemma-resolving, coaching, collaborative and producing techniques, and my short article producing and item generation for artists makes it possible for me to draw on and blend all of the higher than.

And just as other individuals who request out art as a pleasurable and comforting diversion, cost-free of any exterior constraints, anticipations or requires, I generally lengthy for a inventive outlet that would not have a solution, overall performance or any precise consequence in mind, but that’s just enjoyment for me in the moment.

And that is what I uncovered at Downtown Jam.

As extended as I am pursuing my operate in a significant way and sharing my gifts with the globe, there is certainly nothing at all improper with trying to get out a imaginative location which is JUST FOR ME.

So as very long as I’m not hiding out in my hobby, then branching out to explore my creativity in a way that is purely for flexibility, rest and pleasurable, is a amazing way to recharge, refresh and reward myself for my innovative do the job through the relaxation of the 7 days.

If you see artwork as a interest, or if you’re behaving as if it is, what could be diverse for you if you took it to the upcoming level and claimed is as element of your identification or as a job?

And if the significant business enterprise of your art-building is consistently fraught with roadblocks and stress, retaining you from making the most of your art in a passionate way, what could be distinct for you if you discovered a way to use your art (or maybe a relevant artwork sort) as a interest?

© Linda Dessau, 2006.